Wearne Redevelopment

About Curtin Care

Curtin Care is a not-for profit, registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and has Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) status, which means its main purpose is the providing of aged care related services to its local community on a not for profit, benevolent basis.

Curtin Care owns and is the approved aged care provider for Riversea Mosman Park and Wearne Cottesloe and owner of Riversea Village independent living units.

Wearne Cottesloe and our local community

The Wearne Cottesloe home currently provides residential aged care to a number of residents from within the local communities of Cottesloe, Claremont, Peppermint Grove and Mosman Park. Wearne Cottesloe is a unique aged care facility located on the Cottesloe beach front that is run by a locally based, not-for-profit group, Curtin Care. Our mission is to ensure residents have access to quality aged care in the suburbs they have always lived in.

After several years of deliberation, in 2016, Curtin Care commenced a project to redevelop Wearne Cottesloe that will meet the needs of future generations in our community.

Why are we Redeveloping Wearne Cottesloe? 

Curtin Care has identified that the Wearne Cottesloe site can play a significant role in providing an increased number of high quality aged care accommodation and lifestyle options, as well as increased services and opportunities for community engagement, within the local area.

We are looking to the future of aged care and how we can best provide a wider range of services, to more people, in our local aged community. With that in mind, we want to redevelop the site to not only include a new, state-of-the-art residential aged care facility, but retirement apartments and other amenities that will meet the ever-growing need for local aged care.

What will happen to the current Wearne Cottesloe Residents?

Wearne Cottesloe will continue operating in its current form for several years to come and no visible building work will occur for some time. During 2017 we will be undertaking planning and approval activities, so it’s unlikely that there will be any significant site works at Wearne Cottesloe until 2019.

Our Redevelopment Focus

Our focus is simple - to ensure our residents are looked after in the later years of their lives. We recognise that our local aged population is expanding rapidly and more people will want to be cared for in the area that they currently live in.

We are looking ahead to deliver a strong future that brings greater care options, more services and greater access to the community, for more people, whilst embracing all the values we have held close over the past 35 years.

Our Vision for Wearne Cottesloe

Curtin Care’s overall vision is to provide the very best care to local residents in a variety of living environments that will appeal to the local community, both now and in the future. This will entail making better use of the existing land, revitalising the existing Heritage buildings and gardens and providing greater community access to Wearne Cottesloe.

Meeting the future needs of residents who want to live at Wearne Cottesloe will require Curtin Care to try to understand how people’s lifestyles and care needs, as well as medical and community services, will evolve during the years ahead.

While it is very early in the redevelopment process, Curtin Care is interested in achieving several broad goals including:

  • Offering various types and sizes of retirement apartments and residential aged care, including specialised dementia care;
  • Designing buildings that suit the location and blend with the existing heritage building and local community;
  • Increasing health, medical and social services that better meet the complex needs of residents and the wider community;
  • Restoring and considered development of heritage buildings into facilities that can be used and enjoyed by the wider community;

Establishing the best way to achieve these goals is part of the work that Curtin Care and its redevelopment team will be undertaking throughout 2017.

The Wearne Cottesloe site contains historic buildings and gardens that have considerable heritage value and are of significant historical, cultural and social value to the wider community They will be retained, restored and incorporated into the redevelopment.

Curtin Care has been considering the Wearne Redevelopment project for some time and, following on from the appointment of the Wearne Redevelopment Team in 2016, we will increase community consultation and the site master planning process in early 2017. The goal of the master planning process is simply to establish and seek overall approval for what can be built on the site. It does not involve the exact details of finalising what the development will look like.

Our Redevelopment Team

The consultant team for the project has been carefully selected for their knowledge and expertise in aged care, retirement and lifestyle developments. 

Total Project Management is Western Australia’s leading project management firm in aged care and retirement living, with over 15 years’ continuous service to the industry working with not-for-profit and corporate clients. 

Design is being led by Grounds Kent Architects in partnership with SPH Architecture + Interiors.  This unique partnership pairs the internationally renowned resort style architecture for which Grounds Kent Architects are best known with the detailed and unique understanding of aged care offered by SPH Architecture + Interiors. 

Taylor Burrell Barnett has a long history with the Wearne Cottesloe site and will draw on these unique insights along with their strong experience with similar projects as they lead the community consultation and statutory planning processes for the project.

Curtin Care will be working closely with its Redevelopment Team, the local community and its stakeholders to help unlock the potential of the site and deliver a truly unique aged cared and retirement living facility.  


Any project of this nature will take several years to complete. We recognise the significant value of the redevelopment to the community and want to ensure that the community has an opportunity to contribute to the development planning process. We envisage that this will take many months.

Curtin Care is committed to enabling all the current residents to stay at the site and Wearne Cottesloe will continue operating in its current form while the redevelopment project continues to progress.

In 2017, Curtin Care commenced the master planning stage of the project, in consultation with the local community and the local government authorities, including the four councils that own the land and the Town of Cottesloe as the local authority.

This process concluded in late 2017, and in January 2018 the Master Plan was presented to the Councillors and senior staff of the four councils.

Curtin Care has scheduled a community briefing for February 2018 to present the Master Plan to its community stakeholders, prior to the document being submitted to the four landowning Councils to commence formal public consultation.

During 2018 we will be undertaking formal planning and approval activities, so it’s unlikely that there will be any significant site works at Wearne Cottesloe until 2019.

Once the various documents that require approval from local and relevant State Government authorities have been submitted and approved, there will be further detailed design work and a range of other approvals required before building work can commence.


Curtin Care will continue to keep residents and the community informed as planning progresses and more information is available about the redevelopment.

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